Hi, everyone!

This is RedmineHub’s first post to the Redmine community.

We are glad to say hello to all Redmine fans, pundits and users. We are here to bring you all novelties, products, services, job offers and any other stuff regarding our favorite project and task management tool.

4 Reasons why we needed something like RedmineHub

1. Redmine is a nice platform but it lacks some “Marketing”. We want to show to the world all features, improvements and goodies that Redmine can provide.

2. We want to convert Redmine’s community in a more vibrant and interesting place so that it can attract more talent.

3. We want to foster premium Redmine services and products, since this will lead to an expansion of Redmine’s ecosystem and this will result in more attention and support to Redmine in many ways (contributions, donations…).

4. In other open source tools, we’ve got marketplaces like Themeforest, Magento Marketplace or Prestashop Add-ons Store. Why not a marketplace for Redmine?

So, please be very welcome to RedmineHub, have a walk through our facilities and do not forget to subscribe to our newsletter to be informed of all new things coming in the next weeks!

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