Want to get a new Redmine experience? Tired of boring and ugly designs? Enjoy a new REDMINE-EVOLUTION interface working with Redmine on a daily basis.

Why our theme?
Use the interface with harmoniously combined usability, design, and high functionality level.
Our team used many years of experience in front-end development to create this theme.

User-friendly interface
We added some features to the Standard theme. REDMINE-EVOLUTION is not only more beautiful but also much more useful.

Full-responsive theme
Using the interface, you no longer need additional applications. The theme is designed for all kinds of devices and permissions.

Revolutionary design
The theme is unique both in terms of design and functionality. All the elements are well-designed and debugged.

Easy customization
The theme provides the opportunity of branding: You can customize it according to your brand book.

Main features:
– Visible/hidden sidebar
– Opening/closing all filters and settings
– Completely unique menu with the ability to expand/collapse
– Fixed top menu
– Using a custom select
– All main controls are fixed and available for use on the top menu, main menu, and sidebar.
– Using a custom scroll
– Tooltips
– Supported Premium plugins: Agile, Helpdesk, CRM
– Other supported plugins: People, Resources, Finance
– Every plugin will look great!

Additional information




Single license

Compatible with

Redmine 2.x, Redmine 3.x, Redmine 4.x

Compatible browsers

Chrome, Edge, Firefox, IE11, Opera, Safari


Support form

The theme is compatible with any version of Redmine – from 2.6+ to 4.x. version. It is also compatible with many community plugins and all RedmineUP plugins. Look of the current list of supported plugins. We are sure that other plugins will also look great with REDMINE-EVOLUTION! If not, contact us! Also, the theme works perfectly on such browsers as Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Edge and Internet Explorer.
You will receive the email with update notifications periodically. The updated theme can be downloaded from your personal account on the site.

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Redmine-Evolution Theme - Launch promotion: 50% discount
  • Visible/hidden sidebar
  • Opening/closing all filters and settings
  • Tooltips
  • Supported Premium plugins: Agile, Helpdesk, CRM
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Last Update:August 8, 2020
Relased:May 1, 2020
Brand Redmine Evolution
Function Design
License Single license
Compatible with Redmine 2.x Redmine 3.x Redmine 4.x
Compatible browsers Chrome Edge Firefox IE11 Opera Safari
Support Support form