Redmine Plugins

Redmine offers, as other open source tools like WordPress do, a set of core functionalities that are implemented by the core developers and an ecosystem of plugins developed by the community that provide very interesting additional features.

In this post we will list the directories you can visit to find Redmine plugins.


Redmine Plugins directoryOf course, this is the ‘Mother of all directories’ in Redmine‘s world. Everyone looking for additional functionalities will first visit Redmine’s plugins directory. However this directory lacks easy search functions. It usually is pretty complicated to find what you need, not many people have the time to browse through the whole directory, page by page.

Redmine’s plugins directory could be improved as follows:

  • the directory doesn’t have a dedicated search engine on plugins
  • plugins pages are too simple; should be converted into a more exhaustive product page
  • you can’t apply filter to plugins browsing except for the version filter. You should be able to filter by many criteria like function, developer, rating…

>> Go to Redmine plugins directory

2. Github

In the last years Github has become one of the leading companies to provide software development version control. Thus, many developers, also Redmine developers, use Github as their version control system. Github seems also heading to issue management functionalities. So who knows, maybe we will see Github competing with Redmine in the future.

Meanwhile many plugins from the Redmine directory are being published on Github too. And even we have also detected plugins that are present on Github but haven’t been published on Redmine directory.

Github’s directory, as Redmine’s, doesn’t provide a sufficient search system. We’ve got just a global search engine on the portal and an additional filter to be able to order the search results by several criteria.

We would highly recommend to use the “recently updated” filter. You will avoid paying attention to plugins that haven’t been updated for a long time (which you should therefore discard).

>> Click here to directly jump to the “recently updated” Redmine plugins on Github.

Redmineup plugins directory

RedmineUP‘s catalogue is so extensive (15 products) that it almost compares to a plugin’s directory. We can’t help talking about them when speaking about Redmine plugins.

Their products are well known among Redmine’s community and their functionalities range from design improvement features (Agile or People plugin) to customer support features (Helpdesk and CRM plugin) or financial features (Invoices, Finance….). They offer a very professional support and continuous updates, specially those to make them compatible with new Redmine versions.

Their and plugin are the best rated plugins in the directory. They offer a with a huge discount. The pack contains their 15 plugins and future ones.

You can find a full demo of all their plugins here.

They also release free versions of their plugins, only with limited functionalities. Of course you can find their plugins in directory as well.

>> Go to RedmineUP’s plugins directory

4. Alphanodes

Alphanodes is another relevant player in the Redmine ecosystem as developer of very interesting plugins.

Their products are mainly focused in reporting and planning functionalities, such as business reports, budget management, SLA control, attendance management and personnel resource planning. They offer free plugins as well, of which we would highlight their “Additionals” plugin which is one of the most installed plugins.

Alphanodes doesn’t provide a free light version of their products, but you can freely test them on their complete demo.

They offer a special bundle with their HRM and their Reporting plugin, since the both plugins features are perfectly interlaced.

>> Go to Alphanodes plugins page

OK, you may know that Easy Redmine is having different interface than Redmine and I guess you wonder why… Actually it’s still Redmine with improved UI that meets up-to-date trends. So first you need to upgrade your Redmine to Easy Redmine, (but basiclly it’s compatible) and then you have access to 25+ plugins for agile, resources, finance, CRM, help desk, DevOps – basically all you need for project or even whole company management.

However, they still offer couple of plugins compatible with basic Redmine – the best of them are Easy Gantt and Easy Mindmaps (WBS) plugins.

Not sure why they decided to make these products compatible, but have to say this was a nice decision since they are awesome and provide very powerful functionalities for the planning tasks of every project manager.

>> Go to Easy Redmine compatible plugins

6. Redmine Hub

Disclosure: self-advertising! Yes, we want to be the reference directory for premium Redmine plugins.

To make it easy to Redmine admins to find products and make their decisions, Redmine Hub offers a very powerful directory:

  • Live search box.
  • Exhaustive filter options by brand, function, category…
  • Thorough descriptions and users’ reviews.
  • Redmine Hub’s tips.
  • Videos and screenshots of their most relevant functionalities.
  • Option to submit your own product to the directory.
  • Special offers, most of them only to be found in Redmine Hub.

>> Go to our plugins directory

Do you miss any directory, portal or similar where we could find more Redmine plugins? Please comment on the post and tell us!


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