When a company chooses to follow an Agile methodology such as Scrum, some indispensable roles arise within work teams that often tend to be confused. Next, we will see Scrum Master vs. Project Manager, what are these Scrum roles and what are their main differences.

What is a Scrum Master 

We already spoke about Scrum Master on this post. Scrum Master is a role within a Scrum project, which aims to ensure that the best practices defined within the Scrum model are carried out. The Scrum Master is a facilitator who must have communication and negotiation skills that allow them to manage teams and motivate them.

The Scrum Master will use tools that allow you to facilitate communication and teamwork (such as the Redmine project manager with the Agile plugin and the Resources plugin .

Project managersWhat are the functions of a Scrum Master

The main functions of this important role within a Scrum project are:

  • Advise the members of the working group on the way of working Scrum (organization, responsibility and collaboration).
  • Act as moderator in meetings (events).
  • Solve any incident that prevents the execution of tasks ( sprint ).
  • Design and improve Scrum practices to apply in projects.

What is a Project Manager 

The Project Manager is a Scrum role that is in charge of project management (he is the project manager). This is a specialized professional who brings numerous advantages and benefits to the project, and is in charge of making the decisions when preparing and developing projects.

What are the functions of a Project Manager

The main functions of this role within a Scrum project are:

  • Definition and initial presentation of the project.
  • Develop the action plan to apply in the project.
  • Establish the objectives of the project.
  • Make the decision about any modification of the project.
  • Supervise the tasks performed by the project workers.

What are the differences between a Scrum Master and a Project Manager

While the Project Manager is the project manager , primarily responsible for decision making, the Scrum Master is a facilitator who ensures that the project follows Scrum practices. The main differences between both roles are:

  • The Scrum Master performs support and motivational functions for project members while the Project Manager assumes the role of project leader.
  • The Project Manager has more material and human resources, while the Scrum Master works with smaller groups.
  • The Scrum Master works closely, giving special importance to treatment and communication, while the Project Manager performs more traditional tasks that are more focused on processes and the end result.
  • The Project Manager is responsible for aligning the project with the company’s objectives, while the Scrum Master focuses on the work team.

The Scrum Master and Project Manager roles are vital for any project that uses the Scrum methodology to be successful. Their functions within the project are different, while the Scrum Master is in charge of ensuring that Scrum practices are followed correctly, the Project Manager focuses on the objectives, processes, taking responsibility for decision-making.


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