Many companies use the powerful Redmine, the versatile multi-platform project management software. The advantages of this platform have made it one of the most used for monitoring projects, because it is easy to use, works in the cloud, has customizable panels and calendars and Gantt charts.

If there is one point to highlight in Redmine is its flexibility and ease of customization. There are a lot of plugins and visual themes that enhance and increase its features like Redmine Agile. In this article, we’ll have a look at Agile Plugin for Redmine and its advantages.

What is Redmine Agile

Redmine Agile plugin is an extension for the Redmine project manager that allows you to use “Agile” techniques to manage projects more quickly and efficiently. Agile techniques are those by which a project is subdivided or chopped into small sub-tasks and must be completed in short periods of time. It is a different philosophy of work that brings flexibility and speed to any project.

What are the main features of Redmine Agile

The main functions or features of this plugin for Redmine are:

  • Dynamic boards. The tasks added in Redmine become a dynamic panel or board, which allows “drag and drop” to organize and move the different elements. These boards can be customized with colors or images to facilitate the identification of tasks and priorities. These dynamic and enriched boards are independent of the methodology used to manage the project, whether it is Scrum, Kanban or any other.
  • Agile Graphics. The graphics for each projct show information about the status of the tasks, the effort required to complete it or the probability of reaching the goal. It incorporates Agile-Burndown, Cumulative Flow, Velocity or Lead Time charts.
  • Version planner. With this tool you can check in the same screen the tasks belonging to a specific sprint and take measures on it.

Why use Agile Plugin

RedmineUP’s Agile Plugin is a tool that makes project management easier by adding new features to Redmine. Agile for Redmine stands out for:

  • Includes boards with a “drag & drop” cards system that facilitate task management.
  • It is ideal for using techniques such as Scrum, Kanban or Agile. The plugin includes Scrum and Kanban boards ready to use and adapt to projects.
  • It is a plugin that facilitates the application of ITIL tasks in a company.
  • All panels are configurable, you will be able to customize visits and filters with the use of rules and colors.
  • It allows to save the panels configuration.

Business managers or project managers who use Redmine to develop, manage and monitor their projects will find the Agile plugin the ideal complement to facilitate all the work. It’s a tool that incorporates agile visual and organizational features that allow the division of pending work and improve the effectiveness and speed of the ongoing projects.


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